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SYNOPSIS Someone Like You (2024)

Someone Like You follows the story of Emily, a young woman who has been burned by love one too many times. After another failed relationship, she decides to swear off men and focus on her career instead. However, her resolve is put to the test when she meets the charming and handsome Alex, who seems to be perfect in every way. As their relationship blossoms, Emily begins to question if she can truly let go of her past and open her heart to love again. With the help of her quirky friends and wise grandmother, Emily navigates the complexities of love and learns that sometimes, the right person is right in front of you all along.
Réalisé par Tyler Russell, Someone Like You is a heartwarming romantic comedy that explores the ups and downs of modern dating and the importance of finding someone who truly understands and accepts you for who you are. With a mix of humor, romance, and poignant moments, the film captures the joys and challenges of love in a relatable and engaging way.