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SYNOPSIS Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme (2024)

Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme is a horror anthology film that brings together three chilling tales of supernatural encounters. The first story, directed by Richard Somes, follows a group of friends who become trapped in a haunted house and must confront their deepest fears to survive. In the second story, directed by Joey De Guzman, a young couple discovers a cursed object that brings terrifying consequences into their lives. Lastly, in the third story directed by Jerrold Tarog, a woman seeks vengeance against the ghost of her abusive husband with the help of a mysterious shaman. As the three stories unfold, viewers are taken on a spine-tingling journey through the dark and eerie world of Filipino folklore and urban legends. Shake Rattle & Roll Extreme is a must-watch for fans of supernatural horror looking for a thrill ride.